BarTime has the experience and know how to staff your event with waiters, bartenders, kitchen help and any other event staff that you may need.

BarTime was established in 2001 and the owner, Darryl Calloway, has over 20 years of catering and food experience.

Whether at a hotel, wedding, or temporary help for a few days or months, BarTime can staff all of your needs with dependable and cordial people.

Staffing a party with the right waiters, bartenders and kitchen help is crucial to the success of an event. Anybody can serve a drink or place a plate. The question is do they know how to do it with class and taste? Do they have the right skills? Whether it’s for a picnic or a four course meal with French Service, BarTime Staffing will ensure that the bar service as well as the dining service is done with the utmost care.

Our waiters, bartenders and captains have been through a seminar on how to properly serve guests. They understand that it’s important to always serve a plate with their left hand on the left side of the guest. They understand that it’s very important to remove a plate with their right hand on the right side of the guest and to pour liquid on the right side of the guest with their right hand. These are simple rules to remember and it looks great if it’s done correctly, but if it’s not well coordinated it could change the whole feel of the party in a bad way.

BarTime’s Event Staff understands that it’s important to show up on time, be well groomed with an ironed uniform, shined shoes, a smile, and the right attitude. They also understand that nothing on the floor should ever be done unless the captain gives the signal; i.e. picking up plates off a table. This ensures a well-coordinated staff.

Leave the worry to BarTime Event Staffing and our team will make sure that your event runs smoothly.