Frequently Asked Questions

See below for answers to frequently asked questions regarding BarTime’s bartender and staffing products and services.

How many bartenders should I have? You should have 1 bartender per 65 people. Do I need to supply anything if I order Rock n’ Roll, Classical or Opera Service? No, all supplies are brought by BarTime. What does BarTime service provide? BarTime service provides only the staff with a 5 hour minimum. Do I need a liquor license to serve beer at my premise? No, not unless it is at a venue which requires one. Is there a service charge? Yes, a service charge is due when you have BarTime take care of alcohol supplies. With just service, no service charge is due. How many servers do I need? If it is a sit down dinner, there should be 1 server for every 10 guests. If it is buffet, there should be 1 server every 15 guests. This is a rule of thumb that is not set in stone. Do we hire? Yes, we are always looking for good help. If you still have questions use our contact us information and we will be happy to help.