Kitchen Staff

The back of the house is just as important as the front of the house.

Yes, bartenders and waiters bring the food and drinks to you but what about the other magic?

Our chefs, grill cooks, cooks, pastry chefs, bakers and dish washers are what make everything run smoothly in the front of the house. With the right team in the kitchen you can be assured that all will go smoothly up front. That the food will taste incredible, that it will be at the right temperature and that it will be served at the right time.

Without a team that understands and pays attention to the rhythm of the floor, an event could run into trouble. The kitchen and the captain must communicate and pay attention to the timing of the guests. Are they on time or late? Are they eating too quickly? Have all the guests been served? These are all very important factors in making sure that an event runs smoothly.

With being in business since 2001, BarTime has the experience and know-how to tackle large and small events. From bar mitzvahs to weddings to corporate events to celebrity events, BarTime can deliver you the service that will make your event run smoothly. We are always here to offer advice and free estimates. Friendly, professional and experienced!

Do you have questions about how many staff you need? How many tables, chairs, the amount of bars, supplies and so forth? We at BarTime can help you out with that as well. Leave the worry to us or simply hire staff to serve what you’ve brought. Either way we can give you the advice you need to make sure things run smoothly.